#30487 Vine Border

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This stencil is very easy to follow and of course since it's leaves and no two leaves are exactly the same it doesn't put a lot of pressure on quilters who might be just starting out. It fills in a 4" border beautifully. It also can be taken a step further with paint- paint in the leaves with any fabric paint or ink* and then add even more dimension with more thread once the paint dries! It all starts with the stencil and your pounce pad, the possibilities are endless. * any fabric paint will work with our stencils, just rinse them out immediately and hang dry or use a hair dryer if you need to use it again soon, we recommend rinsing the paint off for each repeat. Ink allows more time to rinse than paint which can sometimes begin to dry very quickly depending on the different variables you might be working under such as heat and dryness in the air. Actual width is 3 1/4" ©2009 Maril-Art Designs
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