#30690 Celtic Series, Fire

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Scarlett Rose has been a celebrated teacher, lecturer, designer and author for many years. There is just too much info to mention about her here but you can read more about her at www.scarlettrose.com . Needless to say, she is extremely knowledgeable about Celtic Quilts and with this stencil you are well on your way to something beautiful, not to mention fun and very rewarding. Get started! And check out her other patterns.  Design measures 11". ©2013 Scarlett Rose Did you know you can put glue through our stencils? Push it  right through the mesh! This was done with a fabric craft  glue and then we sprinkled glitter over top and rinsed the stencil immediately to be used again. What's unique is the  glue is flat, not a bead so it gives it a different look.
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