4 Productive Tips That Make Free-Motion Quilting Easy

After watching a professional quilter, you must have imagined yourself flawlessly quilting at the same pace. Free-motion quilting though it seems easy, takes practice, patience, and time to become good at it. Even professional quilters sometimes find the free-motion intimidating. If you’re willing to sharpen your free-motion quilting skills, below are a few quick tips to help master them quickly.

Pick a smooth surface to work on

Handling the quilt is a great task itself. Find a big working surface that could support the quilt while you work on it. Besides reducing drag on the quilt, this will help you maintain the correct body posture, so no trip to a chiropractor.

Draw the designs

As long as you can sketch interesting designs using pen and paper, without lifting your hand and taking a break in between, chances are you can do it on the quilt too. The more you draw, the better you get with designing. To create perfect designs, make a habit of using quilting stencils. From easy feather quilting designs to complicated flowers and animals pattern, you’ll find plenty of stencil designs for continuous stitching.

Remember practice makes you perfect

Before jumping to a queen-sized quilt, start with small projects. It’s not a new thing to tell only practice makes you perfect at anything. Take two large scraps of fabric, not bigger than 10 inches, with a batting layer in between to start practicing. When you feel that you’re picking up the speed and becoming better, move to bigger projects like a baby quilt.

Quilt by yourself

Outsourcing quilts to someone else after spending so much time on piecing is a common practice that a lot of quilters follow. This way, they keep away from machine quilting, and unfortunately also the mastering of the skill. But when you build a habit of quilting your quilts from the very beginning, you become comfortable with machine quilting. Ultimately, you learn and improve techniques, machine quilting, and piecing, side by side.

Your first project may not be as good as you anticipated but with time, free-motion quilting will improve and you’ll be quilting just like professionals. Whether you need quilting stencils for borders or designs, shop for all quilting needs at Full Line Stencils.

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