49007 Quarter Heart & Soul 18" block

This is a pattern you can fill a 9” block with as it is on the stencil. When two are mirrored they create a nice wide border design or place four of them together for a gorgeous large 18-inch block! Also available in two other sizes, see #49008 for a 12" block when four are put together or #49009 for a 10” block, when four are put together.  Lining them up is easy with the dashed lines. 

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Designed byTelene Jeffrey, a very talented quilter, designer, and Handi-Quilter Educator from South Africa.

How Full Line Stencils™ Work: Even the best traditions need an update. That’s why we’ve reinvented stencils for quilting. These unique stencils are transferred with a Quilt Pounce Pad™ and because the material is a nylon mesh open only on the lines of the design, the powder goes right through to the quilt top! There are no breaks or bridges to fill in, no mess, and it’s easy, fun, and effortless to transfer the beautiful designs onto your quilt tops. A few swipes of the chalk filled Quilt Pounce™ and you’re ready to accent the beauty of your quilt by stitching over a crisp, crystal clear motif, border, or continuous line. Full Line Stencils™ are clearly the choice of quality and value. Perfect for beginners all the way to the pros who thought they had everything.

Full Line Stencils™ require very little care. They are tough and can be transferred countless times. If they begin to get a little “dusty” from the chalk use a damp cloth to clean them. A dry Microfiber towel also works really well. If you’re using the Ultimate Pounce Powder you can actually even iron them to clean them up! Be sure to clean them if switching colors of chalk. You don’t want to heat set the blue when you’re ironing off the white.

What’s the best way to store Full Line Stencils™? Punch holes right through them or slip them into inexpensive sheet protectors and keep them in a binder.  For the larger stencils, store flat or roll them up, they don’t retain much of a memory.

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