5 Tips on Piecing Tiny Quilt Blocks with Confidence

Piecing tiny and intricate blocks is a challenge, especially when you’re a beginner. It’s very important to work with precision when you’re expecting beautiful mini quilt blocks and designs. But before even picking up the needle, many lose their confidence. If you’re experiencing the same, shared tips will help you get back on the piecing job in no time.

Prepare the Fabric

The excitement to try pretty hand quilting designs for beginners is understandable. But before you begin with the designing work, preparation is essential. Therefore, prepare the fabric, first. Starching, though, some find it unnecessary, helps in creating small blocks with fewer efforts. It makes it easier for you to handle the fabric and also, ensures the fabric retains its size.

Cut with precision

Although cuts are tiny, they make a big difference when not done precisely. Take your time to cut small blocks. You don’t have to cut them all in a go, one or two pieces at a time would suffice. Cutting fewer pieces at one time helps in achieving accuracy. Always use a rule or multiple rulers of the same brand for rotary cutting to avoid making mistakes.

Set the sewing

Always use a fresh need whenever you’re designing tiny pieces. If your machine has an option to use a straight stitch needle plate, switch to that. Also, adjust your machine’s speed to the slowest setting. When you’re hand piecing, use a sharp needle of preferred size and replace it as soon as it bends.
While selecting a thread, go for thin threads of the same color as the fabric. Though a thick thread will accomplish the task you’re onto but they make the block feel bulky and don’t sit flat when you press.

It’s time to press

While hand piecing doesn’t need pressing while you’re still working on your project, it’s wise to press every seam if you’ve used machine piecing. As you’re creating a pattern, pay attention to pressing. Pay attention to matching points that could make a design go out of shape. When you skip the step, chances are pieces won’t sit as accurately as you’re expecting. Take your time to think about how the block will sit together if there’s no specific pressing direction for the pattern.

Always measure

Keep checking the size of each unit, block, and row time and again before you sew them together to complete your project. Following these given tips will surely give your confidence for piecing tiny quilt blocks or designs.

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