72005 Quatrefoil II

This is our Full Line Stencil companion stencil for one of Jenny Doan’s YouTube Quilt projects! The quilt is called Quatrefoil and is made from a pack of Layer Cake squares and contrasting yardage.  It’s really fun and easy to make and now quilting it is just as much fun! You can use this stencil for the whole quilt or get the second one we made for it to mix things up! You can see them both in the line drawing. The link to Jenny Doan's video is below. 

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This block design will fit in a 9 1/2"-10" block beautifully, it's specifically designed for the Quatrefoil Quilt Pattern. There is a tutorial on how to make the quilt. Click here to view the video by Jenny Doan. We also have a second block design choice that fits the quilt. Use one throughout or alternate with our #72004. They're both pictured in the line drawings. 

Quatrefoil Quilt Jenny Doan Youtube  Missouri Star Quilt Co logo

Quatrefoil Quilt Line Art

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