1. Meet Our August 2022 Shopping Spree Winner

    Rose French is our winner this month! Check out her hand-quilted panel!
  2. Three different approaches to quilting three different projects

    As I was looking through my GoPro footage and trying to decide what to focus on this week, I realized I had three things I've been documenting that are all very different, and I think you may find them interesting. Each of the three are in the sections below
  3. Meet our July 2022 $100 Shopping Spree Winner!

    Deborah Emielita is our July 2022 drawing winner. She's entered a quilt that has some applique on it, and she goes into detail about the technique used in making this beautiful quilt!
  4. Meet Our June 2022 Shopping Spree Winner

    This month's winner is Tina Spano from Southern New Jersey.
  5. Let's address the question of basting with pins when using stencils

    Another video is completed! This week I wanted to take an opportunity to address a question I get asked quite frequently. How do you pin baste? Before or after you mark? So while I was working on my latest project, I set up my camera and videotaped my process when it comes to pin basting. The video is below. I hope you find it helpful.
  6. Some advice when it comes to choosing your quilting design

    You just finished your quilt top and now you're faced with that dreaded question, "how do I quilt this?" A lesson in creativity when it comes to quilting your quilt. It's the most important thing and probably not what you are expecting.
  7. Storage Tips for Full Line Stencils and meet our November Shopping spree winner!

    Toma Garst is our November winner from Woodland Park, Colorado. See her beautiful quilts! Also check out some easy ways you can store your Full Line Stencils to ensure they stay looking great.
  8. Two Easy Methods Of Quilting Feathers Every Quilter Should Know About

    A major design element all quilters want to master is feathers! You can do so much with a simple quilt by incorporating feather designs. Let’s just say that if you want your creation to have vivid textures and visual appeal, don’t forget to include a couple of easy feather quilting designs. With some practice, you will ace those beautiful flowing feathers. You may even use quilting stencils to make your task more convenient.
  9. Four Essential Tools That Make Free Motion Quilting Much Easier

    Mastering the art of quilting takes a lot of time and patience. Fortunately, with the right tools and accessories, succeeding at every task at hand is not only possible but enjoyable. Besides your sewing machine, threads, and needles, you may need a few extra supplies in your sewing box to begin your journey of creating your masterpieces.
  10. Four Essential Tips for Domestic Machine Quilting

    Quilting on a domestic sewing machine can be challenging. Though it can be a little difficult to fit the quilt within the small neck of the domestic machine, it doesn’t mean you can’t quilt on one. Many quilters, who don’t want to invest in longarm or mid-arm quilt machines, can effortlessly quilt bed-size quilts at home.