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  1. Taking Care of Hand-Made Quilts

    Mastering the art of making quilts isn’t easy. From finding beautiful quilting stencils for borders to design your quilt with and stitching the layers of a quilt, each step demands patience and perfection. But as a quilter, your job doesn’t end with the project. You must take care of your quilt to enjoy your precious piece of art for years to come. 
  2. And the October Drawing Winner Is

    Have you heard about our monthly drawing to win a $100 shopping spree at It’s easy and remember it’s a drawing, not a contest. Just post a picture of your finished project quilted with any of our stencils on Instagram or Facebook, be sure to tag with #FullLineStencilProject. That’s it! You’ll be in the …
  3. Our March 2019 $100 Shopping Spree winner! Lisa Kishman

    In this short blog I wanted to introduce you to our winner for March 2019. She has entered a fantastic quilt I’m so happy to spotlight and share with everyone. Look what can be accomplished with our stencils! Although, there is a whole lot more here than some quilted stencils! a whole lot more!
  4. our story…the history of the Pounce Pad

    These are a couple pictures from our family scrapbook! My dad was a true entrepreneur. He had three of his ideas patented and succeeded in doing what he always wanted to do – leave a mark on this world. If my parents could see where the business that they started in their garage is today they would be so shocked!! In the picture of my parents together in front of the Christmas tree my mom has what looks like a green snake around her neck. That was a draft stopper she made for my brother’s room that year, they lie at the bottom of the door to close up the crack. She was always sewing and I owe my early exposure to the art of sewing to her and her generosity of sharing with me one of her most prized possessions, her Elna sewing machine