1. What are the stencils made of?

Our Full Line Stencils are a tough piece of nylon mesh. They may look light and delicate but they are sturdy and long lasting. They are durable and reusable.

2. How do I find a stencil in the right size?

When buying stencils, it is very important to pick the right size. On our website, we offer our block motifs in three sizes, which are large (9” or more), medium (6” to 8”), and small (3 ½” to 5”). Depending on your intended block size, you can choose from any of these sizes. Similarly, you will also find borders that are narrow (1” to 3”), medium (3” to 6”), and large (6” or wider).

3. Can I use stencils for machine quilting?

Stencils are great for any kind of quilting and are not just for hand quilting but also machine quilting. Available in hundreds of beautiful patterns, they open up a world of quilting design possibilities.

4. Do I need to use the whole stencil every time?

You can always use a part of your stencil motif simply positioning it to transfer only the part that you want where ever and however you want. There are no rules.

5. Is a Pounce Pad important?

The Pounce Pad is the perfect tool to transfer stencils of all sizes to your quilting fabric. So, yes, they are a must-have for quilters. Full Line Stencils require them because a pencil will not work.

6. Do I need a different pounce pad for every chalk color?

It is recommended that you work with a different Pounce Pad for every chalk color that you use. Failing to do that can result in the colors mixing, making it harder for you to see the lines.

7. How long will a bag of chalk last?

It is a hard question to accurately answer by stating “X” number of quilts. When we are demonstrating the product at live events, we still haven’t used up an entire bag after 40 hours. It will mark several quilts easily.

8. I can’t see my lines. Is something wrong?

You may not be using a chalk color with a high enough contrast to the color of the fabric. Another reason could be that you didn’t use enough powder.

9. How do I remove the pounce powder?

Our Ultimate Iron-Off Pounce Powder will disappear if you run an iron set at least to med. high over it. You can also brush it off or wash the quilt.

10. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please contact us if the website tells you otherwise.