The Ultimate Marking Pencil - for your dark fabrics, it stays on and irons ​off!

  • Easy to sharpen, pick one up from us if you don't have one
  • Doesn't dry out and you don't need a refill, use the entire pencil
  • Touch up light spots of pounced on designs or embellish beyond the stencil by adding your own flare (this pencil doesn't go through the stencil)

 I purchased stencils, powder and pencils from you at a recent show and used the pencil for the first time yesterday. I have a quilt panel that has one too many borders and wanted a straight line to cut on to remove it. So I grabbed my ruler and my new chalk pencil and in one movement had the most beautiful straight line. If that was a craft-store bought item, I would have a messy line and a pencil that probably had to be sharpened several times. I was so frustrated with them! Your pencil is so wonderful to use. I'm so happy with it!

Jyl Romain

Please be sure to test your fabric as with any fabric marker, you will need to know if it will iron off perfectly like it should. There is a very small segment of fabric that this pencil has been known to shadow on. If it shadows, it doesn't come off. Chances are you will never run into one but testing is never a waste of time. 

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