All orders mailed in the USA are $7.25
They are sent via USPS Priority Mail and typically take 2 or 3 days to arrive just about anywhere in the US.

Orders to Canada vary depending on the location. The website will charge $24.95. If we can save you money by sending it First Class rather than Priority we will send it First Class and refund you the savings. We are more than happy to estimate the cost of your order and if it is more than you would like to pay we can cancel your order.  If it is an order that can’t fit in the Flat Rate Priority Envelope it can get costly.

International orders other than Canada are $35.95 for the Flat Rate Priority Mail envelope. Rather expensive but you’d be surprised what we can fit in a flat rate envelope. Sometimes it’s less to ship First Class so we do and we refund the difference. We are happy to give you all the shipping options available and their costs and should you not like any of them we can cancel your order. Contact us before you place the order or shortly after so we can make any necessary changes after you’ve been given all options.

Our shipping is simple. We process orders twice a week, sometimes more but minimally twice a week. We can send out most of our orders in either a flat rate envelope if it includes Pounce Pads  or a large white cardboard envelope if it is an order of stencils and any of the stencils are large. This way we don’t have to fold the large stencils. We’ve learned that even if an order is all stencils and some are large but there is also a pencil ordered we will have to put that order into a flat rate envelope to prevent the pencil from arriving broken. We place the pencil in the fold of the stencils so as to try to at least avoid making a hard crease.  These creases are easily ironed out but we do our best to get the stencils to you in as perfect condition as possible.  Orders that don’t fit in a flat rate envelope will be shipped in a flat rate box.  If you have any questions about shipping please call us at (530) 459-1028 or email

What typically fits in a flat rate envelope? 

  • 3 Pounce Pads with one or two stencils
  • 2 Pounce Pads with four to six stencils
  • 1 Pounce Pad with up to ten or so stencils or a lint brush or one or two refills with less stencils
  • Up to 20 stencils, depending on their sizes and 3 or 4 pencils

What else comes in my order?

  • Current catalog
  • Promo information on our products
  • Frequently asked Questions sheet
  • Info on any upcoming shows in your area that we are attending
  • Receipt

The thing to keep in mind is we will pack your order with care and concern and if it doesn’t make sense to put it in a flat rate envelope than we use a box and absorb the extra cost. Shipping will be the flat rate of $7.25 for any retail orders.

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