Wondering which Pounce Pad is right for you?

There are three options to consider when deciding which Pounce Pads are right for you.


1)      The Ultimate Quilt Pounce. This Quilt Pounce comes with 2 oz. of the Ultimate Pounce Powder. It will mark numerous quilt tops. Demonstrating this product at shows where we are constantly using it to transfer stencils we still have powder left in the baggie after 36 hours! It is very good for machine or hand quilting because of its incredible staying power. Vibrations of the sewing machine and the handling involved with hand quilting will not diminish the markings. To remove it you can either iron it off with a dry or steam iron or you can dab it off with a damp cloth. One limitation of this powder is the color. It is only white so while it is an excellent choice for marking dark or bold colored fabrics it does not work well with light or pastel colored fabrics.


2)      Quilt Pounce with Blue or Pink Chalk.  This Quilt Pounce comes with enough powder (4 oz.) to mark a lot of quilt tops. The Blue chalk shows up well on just about every color fabric except for medium shades of blue-which is when Pink is a great alternative. Either is a good choice for busy prints or quilts that have both light and darks intermixed. This chalk does require at times  light spray of aerosol hairspray over the transferred lines to help them adhere better to the fabric. They can be used for hand or machine quilting but do tend to bounce a little more than the Ultimate although hairspray helps take care of that too.  If you wash your quilts, these chalks will wash out when laundered – use cold or warm water. If you don’t plan to wash your quilt we recommend you test to make sure it will brush off to your satisfaction before using because sometimes it has to be laundered to remove that last little bit of chalk. One thing unique about the Pink and Blue Quilt Pounce is that it works opposite of the Ultimate Quilt Pounce when an iron is applied to it. The heat of the iron erases the Ultimate Pounce Powder but the heat of the iron sets the pink and blue chalk. This can be useful when using the markings with a technique that covers them up such as felting or applying heavier decorating threads with a couching foot, even embroidery in some cases. Just iron over the markings and then you don’t have to worry about them smudging. The chalk that comes with the Pink or Blue Quilt Pounce is an ordinary chalk with a small amount of a  pigment added to it to color it. It is not anything that involves weird chemicals that will come back in time or set with the heat of a hot car or not be able to be removed after a given amount of time. It will still wash out even after many months.


3)   Quilt Pounce with White Chalk. This Quilt Pounce comes with a regular white chalk. It works very much like the pink and blue chalks but because it contains no pigment  ironing over it does absolutely nothing but make it hot. It is a chalk that can be brushed off and dabbing with a damp cloth will remove what doesn’t brush off. If choosing between the Ultimate Pounce Powder and the White chalk the Ultimate is probably the better choice unless you want something that you can just brush off and it is a little less expensive. Hairspray will also help this chalk adhere as with the pink and blue chalk.  The Pink, Blue and the white chalk contain a small amount of cornstarch to minimize bouncing – important to know if you have an allergy to cornstarch.

4)  Quilt Pounce with Barely Blue Chalk. This Quilt Pounce comes with a barely blue chalk. There is minimal amount of blue pigment added to the Ultimate Chalk. It does not iron off and tends to adhere well. For use on very light color fabric were removing a strong blue or pink may be a concern. It can be brushed off or washed off to remove.

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