Make your Christmas Quilting Plans Effortlessly Chic

The frosty season is here and Christmas is just around the corner preparing itself for yet another year of families huddled over the fireplace; the Christmas roast sizzling in the oven, and grandma’s quilts keeping the bone-biting chills at bay. Now quilting is no piece of cake. From fine lines to the intricate patterns- everything demands perfection alongside snugness. Do you know what that calls for? A quilting accessory to make your Christmas quilting plans effortless and chic at the same time. We are talking about quilting stencils for borders and colorful patchworks to accentuate the jovial mood of the winter.

If you’ve been putting off your quilting plans, there’s no better time than now to pick up where you left off. Get yourself some accessories from the Christmas quilting stencils online store and let’s create something awe-inspiring.

Making your Mark

Hand quilting plans seem much more complex when you have to scramble around the house looking for bits and pieces that can help you complete your quilting patterns. On the other hand, online quilting stencils and quilt marking pens can make the job sincerely easy and time-efficient. If you comb the internet, you’ll find multiple stencil guides. However, the primary aim is to transfer the design/pattern to the quilt, something a stencil with a quilting marker can easily accomplish.

If you’re looking at hand quilting tips, here are a few guidelines for you-

  • Think size– You would want your stencils to fill up the entire section or patchwork in the quilt, which is one of the reasons why size matters when it comes to stenciling your quilt.
  • Think patterns within a pattern– Now what happens if you have a larger space in the quilt and not even stencil size to fill out the area? You can start with basic lines and then use patterns inside the basic lines to give the feeling of patterns within patterns.
  • Hide the marker lines– Now sometimes the marker lines on the quilts may start showing up even when you spray it with warm water. Hence, when you’re using a quilting marker pen, try not to go too heavy and deep. However, if push comes to shove, you always have warm water washes to fall back to.
  • Don’t worry about bad stitches– It’s okay if you make a stitching mistake while you’re stitching in the pattern. Just stop sewing and return to the mistake point and restart. The bad stitches can be removed later.

Now that you have our quick tips by your side and some proficient stencil and marker set, we’re sure a jaw-dropping quilt collection for the chilly Christmas night is not that far away.

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