#QPBB Quilt Pounce Pad, Barely Blue


For those times when “Less is More”, we recommend our Barely Blue Quilt Pounce Pad™

A toned down version of our Blue Chalk, our Barely Blue Pounce Powder is ideal for marking on white or other very light colored fabric. Why not just use blue? Quilters have told us they like an option that is visible yet not so overpowering . Our regular Blue Chalk is formulated to be ideal for marking fabric with busy prints because it shows up well on lights as well as darks and every color in between. We decided to offer this unique option because we found our customers were buying blue chalk from us along with a white and they were mixing there own blend! We want to save them the trouble and also offer them something better.
The Barely Blue is a mix of blue pigment (very little) and our Ultimate Pounce Powder. That means it will stay on the fabric nicely and will not bounce off as you sew. It does not iron off, it easily washes off and often times brushing it off is enough. The quantity sold with the Pounce Pad or in a refill bag still will transfer stencils for well over 30 hours – that translates into a lot of quilts marked for the money!

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions5 × 2 × 7 in


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