Quilt Pounce Pad, Pink Chalk


This is a great way to mark your lighter colored fabrics! It also shows up on dark as well as light so it’s a good choice for a busy print that has a lot of contrast especially if it has a lot of blues in it. We needed a third color because although it shows up on most fabric the blue shows up on, there are some that just work better with pink than blue (and vice-versa) It doesn’t iron off but you can brush it off or wash it off depending on the fabric. Some fabrics may have to be laundered. The  Pounce Pad with pink chalk comes with enough chalk powder to fill the pad several times, (at least 5). You will be able to mark lots of quilts with all the chalk that comes with it! Refills are also available through us and soon hopefully at a local Quilt Shop in your area.



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Weight.31 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × 1.5 in


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