White Chalk Refill 4 oz.

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This is the refill for our #QPW, Quilt Pounce Pad with our Original White Chalk. It's a great chalk to use on dark colored fabric. If you need to mark lighter colored fabrics you may consider using our pink or blue chalk instead. There are 4 oz. of chalk in the bag, the same quantity that comes with the Pounce Pad. It is enough to fill your Pounce Pad  six or seven times. It will provide hours of transferring stencils, it's hard to say how many quilts because each quilt can be so different but what we go by is how long it lasts at a show when demo-ing constantly with it. The record is over two shows, that's well over 50 hours. This chalk does NOT iron off. It's a wash off/ brush off chalk, depending on your fabric. Since there is no pigment in the chalk you need not worry about it staining.  You can wash it off in warm or cold water if brushing was not enough to get it completely off. If it's bouncing off which can happen on some long arm machines, or in other situations, try spraying ordinary aerosol hair spray over the just pounced pattern. You should see improvement. It doesn't make it permanent but it does add to the level of adhesion on stubborn fabrics or when high vibrating machines are being used.
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