Ultimate Marking Pencil

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The Ultimate Marking Pencil is a wonderful marker for dark fabrics! It stays on - doesn't even smudge - and washes off or even better your iron will erase it! It's a solid form of our Ultimate Pounce Powder, formed into that solid by wax. The whole pencil is a marker, it won't dry out, you don't get a refill for it you just use it and sharpen it when needed until you use it up. We sell sharpeners for $1.00 here that work great. It doesn't go through the Full Line Stencil screen but makes a perfect complimentary tool for the Pounce Pad. Use it to touch up chalk lines that were not fully transferred. This is much easier than trying to realign the stencil and reapply the chalk. Improvise if needed to turn corners or fit borders, trace hands, sign names, etc. For clothing they're great for marking buttonholes or darts. You're going to love this pencil! Please note: This pencil has been known to shadow on some fabrics: random batiks and cotton/poly blends. On some batiks it's fine, we actually demo a lot on batiks at shows. With all the different varieties out there and our inability to test them all we recommend testing this pencil to be sure it irons off clean.
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