If you love quilting now, you're about to love it even more!​​​​​

Marking Your Quilts Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

  • Does Free ​​​Motion Quilting ​make you nervous?
  • D​o you wish you could skip the tedious tracing of patterns?
  • Do you love piecing quilts together but quilting them is something you avoid ​or pay someone else to do?

You are in the Right Place!

Say goodbye to your fear of doing your own quilting today
Quilting is such a creative outlet.  Working with the fabric, the colors, the designs of blocks is all great but then comes the "quilt as desired" part of the pattern's instructions. This is where there are two typical choices: send it out or stitch in the ditch right? No, actually that is not  100% correct, not anymore.

There is a way to improve your quilting skills without years of practice and plenty of embarrassing quilts to show for it. You can save money by quilting yourself! You can embellish your quilts with beautiful quilting even if you’ve never quilted before!  And you can learn all about it right here. Watch the videos, read about our Full Line Stencils and Pounce Pads. Sign up for our newsletter to take advantage of sales and know when we add new products.

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The Result is Beautiful Quilting

Erase your fear and step up your quilting skills and creativity with our Full Line Stencils! With a Pounce Pad and a Full Line Stencil in hand there is a choice beyond paying for someone else to quilt or remaining in the ditches! And there's no tedious tracing, just a swipe of the Pounce Pad and you're on to sewing. Choose from hundreds of quilting designs!

I saw a quilt this weekend that was quilted with your stencils. It was awesome. First quilt the young lady had made and quilted herself with your stencils and she got 1st place at a “customer votes on which quilt you like best” event. So, needless to say, I’m excited about getting them. 

Rose Robin

I used the powder and stencil for the first time today. Wow, it works great. I am looking forward to using them on more of my quilts. Now I know where to shop for really great stencils. I am a very happy quilter!

Great doing business with you.

Janet Green

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