A Tip For Removing Your Pink Chalk!


A Tip For Removing Your Pink Chalk!


A Tip For Removing Your Pink Chalk!


Sweet Success! 

Recently, I got an email from a customer, and I think it is worth sharing for all of our benefits. It started with this:


Hello. I recently used pink chalk on a white print fabric, and it has not completely come off. What can I do? I ironed it, used a dry brush and a wet brush, and can still see the pink. Help!!


My reply:

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear the pink chalk is not coming off your quilt! Part of the problem is that you ironed it. It's not an iron-off chalk. The heat you applied will set the pigment. I suggest you get some Oxyclean Max Force, spray over the pink chalk you see, and wash it. You can use cold water and some mild soap. I think this will take care of it. It's the stuff I recommend in challenging cases. Please stay in touch and let me know if the Oxyclean works. Thank you so much for writing to me! 


Three days later, I got this message:

Hi Marilyn.
Success! I sprayed on the Oxy Max. I left it on all night (nervous about that), and it was gone. I washed and rinsed those parts of the quilt in the sink, and it's gone! Thanks, Barbara


Another win for quilters, even when the chalk was ironed! This is not only a lesson in how to remove the chalk but also a reminder to call or write for help. We want all stories to end like this. 


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