A Tip When Using Your Quilt Pounce!


A Tip When Using Your Quilt Pounce!


A Tip When Using Your Quilt Pounce!


During the week, I often receive phone calls from people for different reasons, and I usually welcome them as a chance to take a break from some monotonous task I am working on. Last week was no exception. Someone called, their issue was addressed, and then, as usual, we chatted about quilting before ending the call.


The nice woman who called had a good suggestion. She described her technique for using her Pounce Pad, which results in a very nice stencil transfer. I always say to use short brushy strokes, I even say it in the video above. She gets the same or even better results by making small circular motions over the stencil. You still need to pick up the pad occasionally, so you allow the chalk to come out rather than being in constant contact with the stencil but moving in circles may make it easier to focus your pad where you want it more effectively than making short brush strokes. 


It was a point worth sharing. Everyone has different techniques that work best for them. If you're having issues getting a nice visible line transferred through the stencil, I suggest you try the circular swiping method!


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