Four Essential Tools That Make Free Motion Quilting Much Easier


Four Essential Tools That Make Free Motion Quilting Much Easier


Four Essential Tools That Make Free Motion Quilting Much Easier


Mastering the art of quilting takes a lot of time and patience. Fortunately, with the right tools and accessories, succeeding at every task at hand is not only possible but enjoyable. Besides your sewing machine, threads, and needles, you may need a few extra supplies in your sewing box to begin your journey of creating your masterpieces. 

A free-motion quilting foot

A free-motion quilting foot is a must-have to achieve full movement of the quilt under the needle. It also gives you clear visibility as you quilt continuously. There are many choices - clear or metal, hopping or stable, open, or closed – Try them all, your favorite will emerge. 

Extension table

An extension table is a rectangular platform - designed to fit around your machine. The extended surface at needle height makes it easier to support the quilt as you work on patterns or designs. Since the quilt doesn’t drag off the edge, it reduces hand fatigue and allows you to quilt continuously in one sitting. You can move the quilt more smoothly, and that transfers into smooth quilted designs. 

Stencils for continuous quilting

Stencils make continuous quilting easier. Quilters often get frustrated when their free-motion quilting doesn’t look as they expected, but stencils help. Quilting stencils are available in many different designs, allowing you to choose one that perfectly fits how you imagine your finished quilt will look. 

Marking tools

Continuous quilting involves planning. For an effortless quilting experience, you might want to create marks on your quilt for reference points and boundaries. A simple water-soluble pencil, for instance, is a handy tool to mark your reference points. 

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