Meet Our August 2022 Shopping Spree Winner


Meet Our August 2022 Shopping Spree Winner


Meet Our August 2022 Shopping Spree Winner


Congratulations to our August 2022 $100 Shopping Spree Winner, Rose French, from  Powel, Wyoming! 

Meet Rose French from Powell, Wyoming. She is our August 2022 $100 Shopping Spree winner! Her quilt is below. It's a panel she hand quilted with our Sashiko Stencils. Congratulations Rose! And thank you for entering your lovely quilt in our drawing! 

She writes: "I am so excited. I have been hand quilting for many years. I fell in love with the panel and decided to use Full Line Stencils. They make marking your quilt accurate. Now I will be able to get more stencils. Thank you so much. I absolutely love your company, Marilyn. God bless"

Thank you, Rose! The Sashiko stencils were an excellent choice for your panel. It's very inspiring. I wanted to show a close-up of your work. It's a lot of work, but it's incredible how fast it goes when you focus on it. I'm happy we were able to help you make the markings quickly and easily so you could get on to the stitching. That is our goal, always. 

The Sashiko Grass is what Rose used on the bird pictured above. Her panel has several different designs from our collection of Sashiko Stencils.

They're a lot of fun to stitch, and there's a reason this art form has been around for hundreds of years. Below are a couple of projects I've made. 

There has never been an easier way to mark your Sashiko patterns! Save yourself hours of tedious tracing and have the perfect stitch length and placement in seconds!  


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