Taking Care of Hand-Made Quilts


Taking Care of Hand-Made Quilts


Taking Care of Hand-Made Quilts


Mastering the art of making quilts isn’t easy. From finding beautiful quilting stencils for borders to design your quilt with and stitching the layers of a quilt, each step demands patience and perfection. But as a quilter, your job doesn’t end with the project. You must take care of your quilt to enjoy your precious piece of art for years to come. We have some recommendations for you here.

Don’t store it away, use it instead
Surely you would want your gorgeous quilt to last forever but keeping it under the pile of other quilts or locked away in a cupboard, isn’t good for it. Keep the quilt in the open air and use it to keep it fresh and bouncy.

There are multiple ways to wash it
Before you fully submerge your quilt into soap water, ask yourself - Can you spot clean the quilt? If you have accidentally spilled something on your quilt, just spot clean the area, instead of washing the whole thing. It’s not suggested to wash the quilt more than twice a year. If it smells nice, it’s good to go. But if the time has come to give it a wash, handwash your quilt carefully. Be sure no harmful chemicals have been added to the soap. Machine washing is acceptable for many quilts but keep the setting on the gentle cycle with cold water only.

Show it off
Since you have spent hours on your quilting project, it deserves to be put on display. Quilts that are not in use can be placed on the top of the bed, on a quilt ladder, or you can hang it on the wall. The secret behind the long life of your quilt, iscontact with air. The better the fabric can breathe, the longer it will last.

Taking care of your handmade quilts is as important as choosing the right fabric, design, and quilting stencil for the project. Full Line Stencil has a renowned online store where you’ll find beautiful quilting stencils.